Burger Buddy - Twin Pack - Sunset Orange

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Enjoy a juicy burger, a packed bagel, a sugary doughnut (and more!) mess-free with the handy Burger Buddy. This hygienic, eco-friendly solution keeps your snack intact, off your laps, and germ-free.

Twin pack - Sunset Orange

  • Burger Buddy stops germs from spreading by minimizing hands-on contact with the food, preventing germs from spreading. The last third of the food item can simply be pushed out from the bottom.
  • Burger Buddy saves you from using excess napkins. On average it saves 2-3 napkins per burger, which saves you money and saves the planet!
  • Burger Buddy even expands for extra patties and more fillings; the elastic gussets of Burger Buddy firmly hold the burger and the fillings together.
  • Easy use for children, the elderly and people with disabilities, such as Arthritis, Parkinson's or any type of ailment that may keep them from holding food steadily.
  • The ultra-smooth inner surface makes cleaning simple; sauces and crumbs glide out from each end of the gusset.

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