Mexican Servilletas - Set of 4 Traditional Mexican Napkins

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History is Woven in The Fibers

Mexican textiles have a long history, with fibers from yucca, palm and maguery plants used during the Pre-Hispanic period. Mexican artisans continue this tradition as seen in these beautiful Mexican Servilleta Napkins with a fusion of modern designs and techniques featuring vibrant colors that represent Mexico's rich culture and festive spirit.

The Servilletas that Keep on Giving

A traditional use of the servilleta is to keep delicious homemade tortillas warm, right off the comal. This set's vibrant colors will also create inspiration to brighten up your dining room table game by replacing your place settings with these beautiful splashes of color.  Additionally, they can also be used as tea towels and in general home décor.

Set of 4 

Each set includes 4 Mexican servilleta napkins. Colors will vary between 6 different designs.


24" x 18" napkins  


Machine Washable.

100% Acrylic. Made in Mexico

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