Natural Bamboo Drinking Cups

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Handmade bamboo drinking cups are cut using a single piece of organic bamboo and polished to create the perfect vessel for your morning smoothie or tropical cocktail.

1 x Bamboo drinking cup (18cm Height - 500ml capacity)

  1. 18cm tall
  2. 400ml capacity
  3. Zero waste - packaged plastic-free and wrapped in recycled tissue paper
  4. Handmade with care by artisan craftsmen in rural Vietnam

Natural products require a little more care than non-sustainable products, but follow these simple tips and your bamboo cups will last for a lifetime:

- Hand wash only - Do not put in the dishwasher
- Keep your wooden cups away from microwaves and refrigerators.
- Try not to leave your cups to soak for too long. Bamboo doesn't like to soak!

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