Speck Apple iPhone XR Presidio Inked Case - Striped Gold Speckled/Marble Gray

Sale price$11.28


  • 10-Foot drop Tested. Ridges of impactium rubber on the inside perimeter of this Presidio case compress on impact to absorb and disperse shock.
  • Elegant and vivid patterns are printed into the surface of the case so they won't rub off or fade. Matte finishes and glossy coatings resist scratches.
  • Impactium shock barrier - polycarbonate shell molded together with shock-absorbing IMPACTIUM rubber for two layers of protection in a one-piece case
  • Independently lab tested for multiple real-life situations to ensure your device is always protected against extreme drops, extreme temperatures, Chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.

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